Where can I find your pricing?

Please contact me directly for more information on pricing.

Wedding collections begin at $3200

Family, Newborn and Engagement collections begin at $350 per hour.

We only want “candid” photos, why are you suggesting we need to have formal photos as well?

Everyone loves candid photos, including me, but I also adore getting creative with you and your partner to create some fun and timeless images.

I also come from a rather large family and know that weddings are sometimes the only time when everyone is together, so it is a good opportunity to get that family photo everyone always put off.

I will work with you on your timeline to ensure that it does not interfere with the party at all!

What about albums and prints and how are they designed?

Some collections include albums and/or prints. If you decide to choose a collection that does not include them, you can purchase them separately. I STRONGLY recommend an album and prints. Flash drives can get damaged or lost and who knows how technology will change in twenty years from now, which is why having actual copies of your photos is super important. Plus, there is something much different when actually holding your photos than just viewing them on a screen.

Once the photos have been edited, I will design the album and send you an online proof to look over. You’ll communicate to me the changes you would like and we go from there.

All albums and prints are printed on high-quality Fuji paper and produced locally.

Where are you based out of and would you travel for our wedding?

I grew up on Long Island and currently live in Astoria, Queens and yes, I would love to travel to your event. I travel quite a lot, actually, and there would be no increase in cost for the collection you choose. You just pay for airfare and hotel and any other transportation and I take care of the rest!

My friend has a really nice camera, can’t we just have them shoot the wedding?

I can photograph a wedding with a point and shoot camera if I had to. It’s not about the camera; it’s about knowing what to do and using the tools that you have. I have photographed hundreds of  weddings and events in all types of conditions and spaces. I have photographed a wedding in a hurricane, in someone’s backyard, on a rooftop, on a boat as well as photographing 700 person events in some of the biggest spaces around such as Cipriani, The Pierre, The Mandarin, Capitale , etc. I come prepared the photograph in any condition and I have backups for backups as does everyone else on my team.

Your friend might have a really great camera and be able to take some nice photos, but will  they be able to create photos at two in the afternoon in the middle of the summer on a beach or are they prepared to shoot in a venue that has dark ceilings and walls with very little ambient light and a DJ with a smoke machine and strobes? This is the difference between hiring someone with a “nice camera” and a professional; we know how to handle any environment we are put into

What kind of gear do you use?

As stated above, it’s not about the equipment you have but how you use it, however, I do love adding new gear to my bag. I believe in having the right tools for the job and I actively use each piece of equipment I own.

Camera wise, I photograph with full-frame Canon mirrorless bodies. I shoot most of the day with prime lenses but will use a zoom from time to time. Additionally, I carry a lot of off-camera lighting and modifiers for any situation that might arise. All weddings are shot in RAW and all digital images are delivered in high-resolution JPEG format.

Occasionally, I will bring out my old film camera and shoot a few rolls throughout the day. You will also receive as part of your collection as well at no additional cost

Are you insured?

Yes, 100%. You should never hire someone who doesn’t carry insurance. I can provide a Certificate of Insurance to venues that might require them.

Do you have recommendations for venues and vendors?

TONS! Send me an email and I can get back to you with recommendations for specific areas you might be looking for as well as some of my favorite spots and other vendors.

It says on your “about me” section that you were a school teacher, but you’re also a full-time photographer?

This is true! My background is in Special Education and for over 15 years, I worked with high school students on Long Island & the city.

I learned how to shoot film photography when I was in high school because my brother in law Peter, who has been a catalyst for a lot of things I do, shot photography and I thought it was really cool! I thought about pursuing it in college, however, I really loved the energy and creativity that being in the classroom offered and so l decided to go into teaching and earn my undergraduate and masters degrees in education. The love of photography never went away though and what started off as something I was doing occasionally eventually turned into a full-time endeavor.

While building up my studio, I  worked two full time jobs for years while attending photography workshops and classes at night and shooting weddings and engagements on weekends and other events every other night  I was free.  Through years of shooting, I have met some amazing friends and mentors who continue to push me creatively everyday.

What are you doing when you aren’t shooting photography?

I spend a lot of time trying to improve my craft, so a lot of my free time is spent trying to learn something new that I can give my clients to make their experience even more awesome!

I also spend a lot of time with my family and friends, which is a pretty large and close-knit group. My immediate family and all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins are all located in Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island and there is always something going on. I also have three young nephews who I adore and a chocolate Labrador pup named Hunk who I am extremely attached to!

I also travel quite a bit and love being on a plane as often as I can. There is nothing like exploring a new place that you have never been to before. This is my way to recharge and find new inspiration.